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Our Beautiful Estonia

As we are going to celebrate Estonian Independence Day  soon (24th of February) we decided to draw a festive picture today.  It was so lovely to take the time to talk about our country, the festivities, our beautiful flag,  the language. Annabel`s English is a lot better than her Estonian and sadly she has asked me lately to speak in English to her. But I tried to explain her that Estonian is mummy`s language and I love it a lot.. and I want her to learn it as well. So I am strictly speaking to her only in Estonian :)

I think this picture turned out really cute :) We have got a lot more to do..  colour in  a map, paint the flag, make some dollies, have a party, make a cake.. so it will be a fun week!


For the drawing we used felt tip pens and for the background, I shaved pieces of pencil lead and Annabel rubbed them onto the paper.


Oma Eesti nädalat alustasime selle toreda pildi tegemisega ning lõpetame väikese peoga kohalike eestlaste juures :)

2 comments on “Our Beautiful Estonia

  1. Katrin
    February 17, 2011

    Oi, kui armas pilt!

  2. sirtsukas
    February 17, 2011

    Vahva pilt!

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