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Paper Cup Games

A week ago we had a little trip by train and on our way back all of us (there were five of us altogether) had a nice cup of tea. After finishing the tea we put the empty cups on the table to throw in the bin later on. But Annabel had another idea. She built a castle out of these cups. And as they were such good “playing material” she asked if she could take them home.

So at home she played bowls.. by herself and with some of her furry friends.

But.. as she strongly suggested.. before playing bowls you need to practise a bit. And here is  the training exercise – put the cups in a row (upside down), put a little ball on top of the first cup, take a pen and very carefully push the little ball from one cup to another..

According to her it is important to use many different colour balls, not just for this game, but for all ball games.



Or even an EGG!!!

(Don`t worry! It`s not a real one :D )

So after finishing all these tasks you are ready to bowl !

And after bowls there is always long jumping or alternatively hurdling. We don’t really have enough space in our dining room for the triple jump!

So- it is so easy! Five recycled paper cups and three fun games :)

Now your weekend is sorted, isn`t it :)


All these games were devised by Annabel. It is amazing how little you actually need to have fun :)


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2 comments on “Paper Cup Games

  1. kasikasi
    March 21, 2011

    Was that ThinkThank trip? I think I can recognise those :)

    • mermaid
      March 22, 2011

      Yes, it`s the same trip so one of the cups is yours :D

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