Mermaids` Makings


Browsing the  Art Attack website almost a year ago I found these cute snakes. At that time I didn`t have enough loo roll tubes.. and when I had plenty of tubes I just did not have enough time. And when I had both time and enough tubes, of course I forgot about the snakes. But  a  couple of weeks ago, reading lilla a`s call for making zoo animals, it sounded a perfect time for making these snakes. My little one  loved the idea, so we started!  The snakes are really cool because they wriggle and rattle!  She may be terrified of flies, spiders,  ladybirds, ants…  but she adores worms and of course to her, a snake is just a big worm.  She is very proud of her snake and the stripes on its back and when daddy came home from work, the day we made them, she jumped out at him and shook her snake.

Neil from Art Attack has given  a very easy  step by step description so pop over to have a look!

My little one  was so excited to see her snake on this this cute zoo picture made by ” Lilla a” . I absolutely love the way it is put together!  As I had made a snake as well,  Lil Mermaid  thought that other mummies had made their own animals too and kept asking me to show her some “mummy animal” pictures. So I told her there aren`t any this time. Maybe next time :D

3 comments on “Snakes

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  3. lilla a
    July 2, 2010

    Ha ha, another mum ended up doing her own animal aswell! ( Annabel is so right, we definetely need to do something for the mums too, soon!

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