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Going Home for Midsummer`s Day

We are going to Estonia for  Midsummer`s Day. My little one  is so excited about travelling and seeing her Estonian family again. She has tried to learn a few Estonian words every day.  The most important words of course are “Vanaema” and “Vanaisa” (Grandma and Grandad) :) And there is one more lovely event we all are looking  forward to- Lil Mermaid`s big brother is graduating from high school. So it`s party time!

We talked about Midsummer`s Day this evening and made a lovely bonfire. Not a real one of course. We will light  the real one  in the evening of 23rd of June.

For the picture we squeezed a little bit of paint onto the blue card (maybe black card would have been better but we did not have any), made some flames using the back of a paintbrush, glued on some real twigs for the wood and added some tiny pieces of sparkling pipe cleaner (as we didn`t have any glitter).

Inspiration from Mister Maker.



3 comments on “Going Home for Midsummer`s Day

  1. Katrin
    June 23, 2010


  2. mermaid
    June 21, 2010

    Thanks Pam! Midsummer`s Day is very popular over here. There are hundreds of parties all over the country. I will write a few words about Midsummer`s Day.

  3. pam
    June 20, 2010

    Your mid-summer bonfires turned out to be quite beautiful!

    What a wonderful way to celebrate Midsummer’s Day! I didn’t know it was celebrated in Estonia. I hope you will share a little of the celebration when you return.

    I am wishing you and your family a wonderful trip and a happy Midsummer’s Day!

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