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Room`s Makeover

We have a legend in Estonia that Tallinn can never be ready.. otherwise Ülemiste Vanake  (a little man who lives in Ülemiste Lake) will drown the town.  So this is why they are always building in Tallinn.

It`s almost the same with our dollshouse. It will never be ready as there is constantly something else to do.

We decided that our little room needed a makeover. So we removed part of the old wallpaper and covered the wall in a lovely pink instead. We also made a window and I sewed some new curtains.  As the doll Annabel (the one with an apron) has grown, she needed a desk . It is made of a piece of a cardboard and four empty matchboxes. On the wall there is a map of Estonia glued onto a piece of card. For the desklamp I used a spool of thread  and half of a Kinder Surprise egg. For the chairs we used the bottle top ladybirds we made last spring, but as you cannot see the legs, perhaps they are really pouffes.  Nothing but the best for our dolls…

The chest of drawers are made of six empty matchboxes. For the flowers I used craft foam circles, some pipe cleaners and the vases are actually wooden beads.

Maybe you are wondering what is showing through the window.. that`s right- it`s a street! And again we used an old drawing for the background.

The girls are off to the baker’s which has opened very recently.

If you think that the big shiny thing behind the room is a table lamp then you are wrong- it`s a SUN!

It was such a fun evening tonight. I did enjoy making all the bits and pieces for the room and playing with Annabel later on. Don`t ask me when I will grow up because I don`t have an answer for that :)

Oh and one more photo. Whilst tidying the dollshouse I saw who was having a tea party.. creepy, isn`t it? My daughter was actually playing with this last night, but I only saw it today.

Linked to “Carnival of Small World Play“.

5 comments on “Room`s Makeover

  1. Katrin
    March 3, 2011

    Väga lahe! :)

  2. ritsik
    March 2, 2011

    mermaid, ma olen sõ na tu ! sa oled andekas, ise ikka tead või :) ?

    • mermaid
      March 2, 2011

      Hehee.. andeks tikutopside kokkuliimimises :D Aga aitähh!!!
      Ma olen jälle sinu nukkude puhul sõnatu :)

  3. kasikasi
    March 1, 2011

    Can I have a doll house like that? It’s lovely.

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