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The Beauty of Estonian Folk Costume

It is Estonian Independence Day on the 24th of February. So it is the perfect time to take books out and find out everything possible about Estonian folk costumes.

When Annabel was born, her Estonian  Grandfather gave her this lovely book called: “Eesti rahva rõiva ilu” (” The beauty of Estonian folk costume”). This book is so special to me as I live away from my country and I do everything possible to introduce Annabel to Estonian culture and language. I was very happy seeing how much Annabel enjoyed looking at all those beautiful pictures. We talked about patterns and colours.. when people used to wear these costumes and that lots of people still wear them.

Later we made some  stripy skirt patterns.. we  made little dollies’ skirts  to decorate our living room next week.

Annabel also drew all her friends wearing Estonian Folk Costume. Well anyway, this is how she sees them:)

One comment on “The Beauty of Estonian Folk Costume

  1. Pandora
    February 23, 2010

    What a lovely project to do together. Your little daughter is an artist, I love her painting. Happy Independence Day tomorrow.

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February 2010

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