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Bday Party Preparations

It is THIS time of the year again- our lovely butterfly will be a year older. This year we decided to have the birthday party at home. We aren’t having any special theme.. as princesses are pretty popular at the minute we thought we would have a little princess picnic in our garden.

I was quite surprised, seeing for the first time, a few years ago that over here the birthday child has to give out presents as well- they call them party bags or party  favours. Usually they are cheap plastic toys in a little plastic bag. Unfortunately the toys don`t last long and some of them are quite useless. In the shop they call them party bag fillers but I call them landfill fillers. When my son was young we did not have this tradition. A party was all the guest got :) We even did not have a thank you note tradition. I`m not sure about party bags but thank you notes are a very lovely thing to do. But nowadays some families  do party bags in Estonia as well.

Well  instead of little toys we decided to give a book to each child. I went to the shop hoping to find a book about princesses or fairies but didn`t find anything really affordable. And then I saw these books… and my heart melted :) ( I love, love, love Paddington!)

So now our birthday party theme is Royal (princesses) Teddy Bear ( bears) Picnic (garden). We will ask everybody to bring their own teddies.

And the invitations will be soon ready as well.

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May 2011

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