Mermaids` Makings

Mice and Pumpkins


My little one drew these pumpkins with four pens tied together with cellotape. For the pumpkins she tied together orange, brown, yellow and beige pens… for the background she used different shades of blue.

She then cut out some mouse shapes from the black paper  we made last year (using sand and paint) around the same time. I helped her to glue lovely pink tails, noses and wiggly eyes. Don’t they look cute!

Then I went outside to bring in the pumpkin

for us to decorate,

but I didn’t realise

that another family

had already decided to live there…

I need to get a new pumpkin now :)

(The pumpkin “decorating” inspiration from Martha Stewart).


Whilst I was making dinner, my little girl decided to continue by herself. First of all she made the ears – she put the palms of her hands in some pink paint and made prints, and then she did the same for the head, mixing grey paint with the pink. Then she painted the background (I only glued her picture onto purple card and made the frame out of tissue paper as I loved the picture so much). All our craft and art materials are easily accessible for Little Mermaid, and she is old enough now not to need any supervision and minimal help.  She also drew the second picture all by herself, showing Max the Mouse (Little Mermaid is looking forward to seeing the real Max at half term, so she even called her mouse Max.).  The title reads “A mouse in a hole in the house”.

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2 comments on “Mice and Pumpkins

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  2. P6rgukiz
    October 10, 2011

    Ülilahe see kõrvits hiirtega :DDDdd

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