Mermaids` Makings

Octonauts Magazine

There are tons

 of childrens` magazines


in the UK,

 but our favourite


 surprise- surprise



In the last issue we found a game. We cut out the little pictures and after folding the two flaps on each side we made them stand up. But I glued a little piece of blue card underneath to make them stronger. There was also a cute picture of the Octopod from inside and outside.. so we put it next to our underwater picture. I do love using our artwork as background for playing!

And of course our  Holiday Island!!! What could be better for our Octonauts play! Well this time the sharks took over the island but as my lil one insisted – they are friendly sharks!

I usually don`t like the little toys from the magazines because they tend to be poor quality.. but I do like the Octonauts ones.. even if a few of them have broken quite quickly. We have collected ALL the toys and are keeping them in a special treasure chest.

I just can`t say how much we love the


We still don`t have the little Dashi toy.. so if you have a spare one- feel free to offer :)

Thank you!

What is your favourite children`s magazine?


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One comment on “Octonauts Magazine

  1. Ness @ One Perfect Day
    May 23, 2012

    This is so great! My son is a huge Octonauts fan. He would love this. Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Kid’s Co-op!

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