Mermaids` Makings

Octonauts Galore!

We finally finished our Octopod. It took ages because we needed the handles of 6 pint milk bottles. I got the handles idea ( I think it`s great. It looks just like the real thing)  from the Octonauts FB page..  For the hull we used a trifle pot.. another good oportunity to buy some yummy trifle :)

So here the Octopod has landed on our beach..

but usually it stays under the sea…

Lil Mermaid’s favourite is Kwazi. Captain Barnacles may give the orders, but Kwazi decides whether or not to obey them or whether to go on holiday instead:)) Her favourite Octonauts games involve lots of naughty people – Boss Vegimal who can only cook burnt offerings and is always threatening to go on strike, a naughty shark who always attacks them (but who is only scared away by Boss Vegimal) and Octopus and Squid who are always arguing with eachother…There are lots of variations though – Lil Mermaid plays with them almost every day.

This Gup is made using a balloon.. it turned out huge.. but perfect for our pink hat octopuses :D

So here they are- all in a row. Only Dashi is missing.. so if anybody has an extra Dashi- you know who is waiting for her :)


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3 comments on “Octonauts Galore!

  1. Lin
    April 7, 2012

    where did you find all the toy characters?

    • mermaid
      April 9, 2012

      Sainsburys, Tesco, Ebay. Amazon. Happy hunting :)

  2. Jamie H
    March 17, 2012

    So cute and fun! Thanks for linking up to Fun Stuff Fridays this week!

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