Mermaids` Makings

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

My little one LOVES her teddies. And these are not just teddies.. each of them has a history. The purple and white ones are from the charity shop.. these teddies were just sitting on the shelf very sadly so we just could not leave them there. The polar bear is a present from her big brother.. and Paddington is a present from us. The three bears are from a car boot sale. When my little one plays with them they all stay together.. she never separates them. There are actually more bears but they didn`t take part in this picnic.. there is a blue bear and a pink bear and a brown bear.. even two brown bears i think.

Well tonight we had a teddy bears` picnic. My lil’ one got the picnic ready and then invited me to join them. I was very pleased to see how beautifully she had set everything. We had some tea (have you noticed that I am not having coffee anymore when playing with children :D Estonian children usually have coffee in their play) and some cakes.  But we really fancied some biscuits..  I had taken her play food outside, so we had no food for our bears.

And here they are- our tasty cardboard biscuits!

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June 2011

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