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Cultural Exchange- Argentina

Well this is  a package from Argentina. We got it a few months ago but it took a while to go through all the interesting information :)

As you can see we got a big and a small Argentinan flag.. a key ring, a badge and a cute bracelet made by using the beads in national colours. There is also a tiny pack of traditional playing cards, colouring pages and some Argentinian play notes with some real coins. I love the little clay mate pot! 

Oh and mate. I had heard about that but never thought about what it really means! And did you know that  they have very cool straws for drinking mate! There is a sieve in one end to filter the mate infusion from the leaves. And it is called bombilla. What a cute name!! Anyway I can proudly declare that I have now had my very first mate and I really enjoyed it.

I also loved the list of Argentinian food. We were supposed to match the picture with the desccription. It was really fun. My little one was very excited about this activity. And it is a good idea to add into the package. I have planned to prepare some Argentinian food but haven`t got round to it yet. When I do I will let you know how it went :)

I have always loved traditional stories and fairy tales of different nations. So here we have an Argentinian one but it is presented as a puzzle! How cool is that!

Just read this lovely story! I will be definitely drinking more mate now.. could do with some local friends :)

 Ok.. lets go on :)

Dulche de leche. It is a popular sweet made of milk and sugar.  We found a candy and some spread in the package and we LOVE it! And thanks for the link to the website “From Argentina With Love”.  Now I know where to get the recipes I need when I fancy some Argentinian food :)

We also got lots of  interesting seeds and shells  and even some red soil the family had collected for us!!! And that`s not  it. They sent us a handful of soya beans cultivated by their daddy! How sweet is that and it is the first time for us to really see and touch soya beans :)

And the family provided us with little balloons and instructions on how to  make our own mate cup. As this is what we love to do we didn`t think twice.. we blew up two lil balloons and covered them in some layers of newspaper. After they were dry I cut off the top and we painted them.

And here they are- our own mate cups :)

Thank you Santi and Agus and your mummy and daddy for sending us such a a lovely and interesting package!


If you want to know more about these exchanges and how you can take part, have a look at the Worldwide Culture Swap page.


3 comments on “Cultural Exchange- Argentina

  1. Rachael
    June 25, 2012

    Oh I received this package too! What a lovely story that is about the mate :)

  2. ritsik
    June 20, 2012

    nii põnevad on need kultuuripakid. Inimesed on ikka päris tõsiselt seda pakikoostamist võtnud!

    • mermaid
      June 22, 2012

      Jaaa, see on veel eriti lahe pakk! Väga läbimõeldud ja vahva!

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