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A Special Present

We were on holiday when a special delivery  from Pam arrived and when my husband mentioned to me that it said “gourd” on the package I KNEW what it was about :)

I had seen these cute gourd dolls and other gourd decorations at Pam`s blog a while ago. Although I thought they were cute, I did not realise how cute they really are!!!

And the best part is still to come-

she sent us a spare one as well for my lil one to decorate!!!

So last night she enjoyed painting her own doll.. she said she would add some finishing touches with felt tip pen later :)

My daughter LOVED the Matrjoshka doll! At the minute it is decorating her bedroom but at Christmas we will put it on our Christmas tree.. next to the pretty stars Pam sent us a couple of years ago. I love these handmade decorations.. they give so much joy and have such  special stories to tell :)

And look at this pretty card! And yet again- I have seen these Danish baskets many times but have never had a go myself. Will do it now as I need a birthday card. It is such a great idea to use this basket to decorate a card!

Thank you, Pam, for another lovely surprise!

Well but now I want some gourds for myself :) Need to check where I can get them over here!


4 comments on “A Special Present

  1. Ladygardenia
    June 13, 2012

    They are truly beautiful and your daughter is just like an angel…

  2. pam
    June 12, 2012

    What a wonderful treat to get to peek in and see lil mermaid painting her gourd doll! I feel like a päkapikk peering through the window!!

    Thank you so much for sharing her doll painting in such a lovely way.

    I am on a quest for gourds for you. I am thinking that most likely England is too wet and cold for gourd growing – Spain or Italy perhaps?

  3. Sirtsuk
    June 12, 2012

    Nii äge!

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