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Терем-теремок and Buckwheat Porridge

Growing up in Soviet Estonia, Russian cartoons were part of my childhood. And we loved them! They were very friendly and nice. Well at this time cartoons were just a treat anyway.. nowadays you can watch childrens’  programs all day long.

Anyway- this is a fairytale “Terem Teremok” (A Little Hut).

There is a little dragonfly living in a little hut and all other animals knock on the door one by one.. asking whether they can live there too. Everybody is being asked what they can do.. the rabbit and the cockrel could chop firewood, the mouse could bake cakes and the frog could fetch the water…so the dragonfly could water the plants. Once all the jobs were done, they had a party.

Whilst having the party they heard a very loud knocking at the door. It was a BEAR. The bear wanted to come in too, but he was too big. He tried to come in but destroyed the house. The next day they all decided to build a new house,  so the story has a happy ending.

We made these animals from cones and for the house I used an idea from here. It is very good for this play as in the end the bear destroys the house, so you can fold it up to make it appear destroyed (have a look at the second photo).  It is also good for playing as it’s open behind – you can easily put the animals inside.


Lets leave the animals having a party and make a nice buckwheat porridge for ourselves.

Porridge- kasha- is a native Russian dish. Kasha is made from every possible type of grain with meat, fish,  mushrooms, onions or you can eat it just as it is. To go with it, either milk, cream or fish and meat broth can be used.

We made a simple buckwheat porridge. We put about one cup of buckwheat oats into the pot, added salt and butter, and poured over about two cups of boiling water. We then stirred  carefully and cooked them on a medium heat for about  20 minutes. We served it with buttermilk (kefir) but it can also be served with milk or butter. Well if you want to do it, as you are traditionally supposed to do it, put the porridge into the stove for 3- 4 hours. Buckwheat is really very tasty, so if you haven’t yet tried some, you really should!


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One comment on “Терем-теремок and Buckwheat Porridge

  1. Allison
    May 9, 2012

    This is so cute! I love the thought and detail you put into the hut and all the characters. Thank you for linking up to the Kid’s Co-op!

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