Mermaids` Makings

Fancy A Holiday?

We watched “Mister Maker” today again after a while. We used to watch it often but not so much lately for some reason. And today he made a cute island with a coconut tree and deck chairs on it. Lil Mermaid was so excited that she gathered the material straight away and in 10 minutes the island was ready. I helped her with the  tree.

This little playset is really easy to make. The base is a paper plate. I put some playdough into a milk bottle lid, and  the lid underneath the paper plate. We then pushed the pencil through the plate so that the playdough keeps it in place. The coconut and the leaves are made of pom poms and pipe cleaners. We used real sand from our sandpit (the sand part was the real hit for my little one) and for the ocean we glued some tissue paper. The deck chairs are just rectangle shaped cards.


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One comment on “Fancy A Holiday?

  1. Katrin
    May 22, 2012

    Väga armas :)

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