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самовар and баранки

We are continuing our jorney in Russia with “Around The World In 12 Dishes“. If you think of Russia you can`t go without a Samovar ( A Tea Kettle) and Barankas (bread rolls, similar to bagels). I find samovars very exciting and neat. It is  basically a   heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in and around Russia, but also  in other Central, South-Eastern, Eastern European countries,  and in the Middle-East. Since the heated water is usually used for making tea, many samovars have a ring-shaped attachment  seated around the chimney to hold and heat a teapot filled with tea concentrate (brew). I remember my grandmother using a little teapot filled with tea concentrate (brew) made out of tea leaves.

So I printed out a picture of a samovar and we headed to our recycling bin to see what we could use to make a samovar. Choosing two yoghurt pots and one cottage cheese pot we glued them together as  shown on the photo. We then covered it in yellow tissue paper. When it was dry I hot glued two handles (cut out from card board and painted with acrylic paints) and using scissors,  pushed a hole onto the bottom part of the samovar. This is where we fed the drinking straw through to create a tap and valve handle. For the valve we used twisted pipe cleaner.

So here it is- our homemade toy samovar!

Having a nice cup of tea you need something to nibble on as well don`t you. And what could be better than baranki! If you wish to bake real ones, here is the recipe, but we chose to use salt dough.

This is how we made the salt dough:

We used 1 cup of fine salt, 1 cup of a flour and 1/2 cup of water.

In a large bowl we mixed the salt and flour, made a well in the salt/dough mixture and added some water, kneading it until it was smooth.

We baked/dried the baranks in the oven in a low temperature for about three hours. Then we let them cool down before we painted them.

It is common in Russia to feed the barankas on a string and use them as a decoration or put around the neck. I have no idea why they do it so if anybody knows, let me know too :)

So Pooh Bear invited his friends over for a nice cup of tea.


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One comment on “самовар and баранки

  1. ritsik
    May 11, 2012

    lahe samovar, sul ikka nupp nokib :) Soolatainast ma olen kunagi teinud, aga väga töödeldav ei tulnud välja, fimo ja i-clay on nuksöökideks parimad.

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