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Cultural Exchange: USA- Tennessee

This is a package from the USA- Tennessee. We found lots of interesting leaflets , some nice stickers, a cd with songs and two pieces of craft- Shrinky Dinks and Racoon Photo Frame.

The capital of Tennessee is Nashville and it s called “Music City” because of all the country music that was made there.

The state animal is the racoon and the state  bird is the mockingbird. I had to look up on the net what it looks like :)

The state insect is the ladybird and the flower is the iris. Oh I love irises!

The nickname for Tennessee is “The Volunteer State”- the University of Tennesse students are called Volunteers. That`s funny, isn`t it :)

My daughter coloured in the  Shrinky Dinks and after “baking” them in the oven for a short while, we got three cute little pieces and after attaching some craft foam underneath we are using them as stickers.

And here is the Racoon Photo Frame craft. Lil Mermaid had fun doing it.  And when it is dry we will find a nice photo to put there.

2 comments on “Cultural Exchange: USA- Tennessee

  1. ritsik
    April 29, 2012

    oo see shrinki dink on äge! Meil siin seda paraku ei müüda. Ehteid saab ägedaid teha sellest.

  2. SakuSka
    April 28, 2012

    päris palju toredat nänni :P

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