Mermaids` Makings

Happy Easter! Toredaid munadepühi!

Inglise traditsiooni kohaselt olime valmis pühadejänku külaskäiguks. Tegelikult külastab jänku lapsi pühapäeval, aga kuna me sõidame vanavanemate juurde, tõi jänku shokolaadimuna täna hommikul.

Tüdruk oli väga õhinas, kui leidis esimese lehekese, mille peal vihje, kust muna leida võib. Kokku sai neid päris palju. Ja loomulikul ei saanud me ka seekord läbi Octonautideta. Seekord sai laps pehme piraadikassi.


The Easter Bunny visited us today as we are going away for the weekend. How nice of him :)

The night before mummy and daddy were busy finding rhyme clues from the internet. NutureStore was a great help. Thanks Cathy :)

These are the rhymes Lil Mermaid had to work out to hunt for the Easter Egg:

Hurry up
and get up sleepy head,
look where we keep the …

Good for you,
you found the first clue.
Now go to the place
where you might find a …

The next clue
is very clean
because it’s
inside the washing …

Have a look
but please don’t stare,
the fifth clue is under the ….

Search around
and do not blink
the next clue is hiding in the …

Now you’re really
having a laugh,
this clue`s downstairs having a ….

4 + 4 = ? …
make a rhyme with the answer ,
and go to the …

Nearly done,
there’s just one more,
the next clue is near the back ….

Go to the the place
where you sleep,
and you might find
something …

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