Mermaids` Makings

Easter Art & Story by Lil Mermaid

“I got two sleeping chicks because they were tired out of pushing the presents to make a big tower. And there were three awake chicks. And they were pulling presents. One was sitting on the tower of presents and that chick was holding a present  and the other two chicks were pulling the presents on the hill so they can make the tower strong so it wouldn`t fall off.”

“I`ve  done an Easter Bunny picture. They are two rabbits and there is a basket full of  easter eggs and there are three flowers and lots of  Easter eggs on the floor but there is a biggest Easter Egg in between them. The first Easter Bunny was purple and the second Easter Bunny was pink, they were picking Easter Eggs to put them in their Easter baskets. The two Easter Bunnies were dancing in joy because it was Easter and when they sang the Easter Eggs were dancing too!”

” I drew some little Easter Bunnies. There is four little Easter Bunnies, one big Easter Bunny. There`s a house where they live. Also they sang happily and the flowers were dancing and even the grass and the Easter eggs!  They had comfy cushions in the house, comfy beautiful bed. The house was big and they were playing in the garden, singing and dancing in the garden. They had beautiful short grass in the garden because the mum cut the grass every day so it wouldn`t go long every day.”

“I`ve done two easter eggs, decorated them and  I went over with water paint. They were the largest easter eggs ever!”

” I`ve painted my little chick called Quack. She is four and  three quarters years old. She lives in the house with her mum and dad, big sister, big brother. The sun was shining in the beautful street called Quack Quack. She was playing in the garden with her big brother. They play football and she is very good in football. Sometimes Quack plays with me. There were tulips everywhere in the garden.”

“I`ve drawn some chick on some yellow piece of paper, cut them out. I ripped strips of  green paper to make the grass. I glued them on the dark green card. I`ve done the sun out of yellow card as well.”


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April 2012

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