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Karius And Baktus

I love hunting in charity shops and car boot sales for interesting childrens’ books.

So my latest star buy is:

It`s kind of nostalgic because I used to read this book to my son a long time ago in Estonia.

It`s a story of the two little fellows, Karius and Baktus, who live inside tooth cavities in the mouth of a little boy called Jack. Jack loves sweets but hates brushing his teeth. This creates the perfect living conditions for Karius and Baktus (caries and bacteria), who happily hack away at Jack`s teeth until the day his toothache becomes so  unbearable that Jack`s mother decides it`s time to visit the dentist who fills in Jack’s cavities and destroys Karius’ & Baktus’ home… But they only finally get washed away for good when Jack starts cleaning his teeth properly at home.

So when I saw the cute Tooth Fairies in Red Ted Art blog I knew exactly that I`m going to make Karius and Baktius using  Kinder Surprise case!

So here they are! Luckily in our garden, not in our mouth :)

I filled them with a bit of rice so they make a bit of a noise when shaken andthey are more fun to play with.

Linkign up to: “Kids Get Crafty“,

One comment on “Karius And Baktus

  1. maggy, red ted art
    April 18, 2012

    These are SO cute! The book looks brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

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