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Rainbow Cookies

I saw these rainbow cookies on Pinterest and thought it would be a nice St  Patrick’s day treat for us, so we gathered our ingredients. Lil Mermaid was very excited but I needed some time to organise the kitchen, so I came up with a little challenge for her. I gave her a muffin tin and asked her to sort the chocolates by colour, count them, and make a tally chart as she has learnt at school.  Together we decided that to make it more fun, she should estimate the numbers.

I went to the kitchen and wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing – so here are the results.  It is certainly a much better way of estimating than just guessing a number. As you can see, the green and yellow tallies can be any of some 20 different numbers, clearly vastly improving her chances of success.

And here she is in the kitchen- a born cook – but one with a very definite idea of measurement (how unlike her estimating ideas!).  If the recipe said 210g of sugar, then she had to weigh out exactly 210g.  Nothing else would do – not 215g or even 212g.  It had to be 210g exactly.  I really enjoyed working with her in the kitchen, seeing how excited  she was.  It’s good to see her learning to read a recipe, measuring out the ingredients…(we stuck the recipe on the cupboard so it was easier to see)…

Lil Mermaid has learnt so much from CBeebies – scissors being sharp from Mr Maker, washing your hands before cooking from “I Can Cook” – she always reminds me to wash my hands before we start anything in the kitchen now!

3 comments on “Rainbow Cookies

  1. mermaid
    March 26, 2012

    Maitses kyll hea jah. Ei olegi pilti, liiga kiiresti said otsa :)

  2. Katrin
    March 23, 2012

    Ja kus valmis küpsistest pilt on? Maitses ka hea? :)

  3. ritsik
    March 22, 2012

    Annabel on nii hoos :D

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