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Beach Huts

One of the funny things I noticed in the UK after moving here were the beach huts. They look very cute but I still haven`t got the point of them. If you stay in a resort you stay in the hotel anyway.. so why the hut? You can`t sleep in most of them.

Anyway- they look cute and are a nice landmark.

Beach huts were first built in the 1860s and were found in Australia, England, France and Italy. They were the results of further development of wheeled bathing machines used in the early Victorian era to preserve their modesty.

In the early 1900s, beach huts were thought of as “holiday homes for the working classes”, but in the 1930s their image had changed enough so that King George V and Queen Mary even spent a day in one.  After the end of the second world war, the beach huts were at their most popular, as families began to visit the beaches again.

You have seen our box street, haven’t you? It is basically the same but this time we used all the same size boxes. They look good without being painted. Perhaps we could have left them as they were. For the roof we used rectangular and triangular shaped cardboard, and secured them with sellotape. Then we covered them in tissue paper and painted them over. It gives a kind of bumpy texture, but as beach huts are wooden, we could really have painted the cardboard without using the tissue paper.  They still turned out nice though, haven’t they?

We made the beach huts for two reasons – firstly to link up to “Around the World in Twelve Dishes” and secondly, Lil Mermaid wanted to act out her favourite TV programme, Grandpa in my Pocket.  It’s about a family who live at the seaside – father, mother, son and daughter, with their grandad – a perfectly normal family except that the grandad has a special shrinking cap, which makes him extremely small every time he puts it on. The only other person in the family who knows anything about it is the boy,  and the stars of the programme are definitely these two.

One comment on “Beach Huts

  1. Julie
    March 20, 2012

    They have beach huts here in Germany too.

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