Mermaids` Makings

Dolls’ School

First of all our dolls (Lucy and Annie) had an art lesson…

Then the bell rang (or to be exact, the snake charmer came…)

The girls went outside to play football…

Whilst the art and geography teachers had tea in the staffroom…

Followed by a geography lesson in which the children learnt about capitals…

…Before getting on the bus (or is it really a magic carpet? )…

To the farm…

And then heading to their grandparents’ house for a sleepover.

These little plays are lovely as they develop all the time ( from a school to the novel school bell and then the bus…). It’s good for learning Estonian as well – in our plays I only speak Estonian to Lil Mermaid. She speaks in English but every time she uses more and more Estonian words. She actually uses more Estonian when playing like this than she does in everyday life.  She just gets carried away and doesn’t think about what language she is using. In everyday life she prefers English, even when I ask her to use Estonian but when she is playing she speaks in Estonian more easily. She repeats words and sentences after me, and I also like her love for animals, as in every play we do, the dogs and cats always have a part – feeding them, walking them etc. I suggested that we put the dogs in the conservatory to sleep, but Lil Mermaid refused. She put their basket by the grandparents’ bed.

Another reason for playing schools – we learn how Lil Mermaid’s school life works.  All the things she would never dream of telling us normally just come out when she is playing.


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2 comments on “Dolls’ School

  1. MiaB
    January 16, 2012

    What a fun interactive, imaginative & creative way to learn a language. Thanks so much for linking up to Sharing Saturday.


  2. ritsik
    January 14, 2012

    Teil on nagu nukufilm :D

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