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Happy New Year!

Traditionally today (6th of January)

is the last day you can wish

A Happy New Year.

Well you can do it tomorrow too and the rest of the year but then you need to bring

a bottle (alcohol of course).


A Happy New Year!

And as you can see

we have had another photoshoot.


This time we visited “Studio 8” in Pärnu, Estonia.

We had a New Year’s party at my brother’s place. It is a tradition to drink champagne outside at midnight and see New Year in. The best present was the arrival of s0me snow at long last. We had gone across to Estonia expecting to find lots of snow, but there was none at all – not until New Year’s Eve.

Another tradition is to melt some tin and tell your fortune by looking at the resulting shape in the shadow of a candle. You can buy horseshoe shaped tin and tiny saucepans in the shops before New Year. The horse shoe shape symbolises good luck. My tin shadow showed huge mountains, so hopefully I will be visiting my sister in Norway this year. (Or is it a fairy castle? We have planned visiting Disneyland in Paris).  My other sister had a lady (or a crocodile) with a dog (whilst my husband had an arguing man – we haven’t worked out what that is supposed to mean yet!).  And then there was a camel too.. lots of trips this year!

People only use these for fun now, but in the past every shape had a specific meaning.

There is one other New Year tradition – the first person you see should be of the opposite sex – meaning good luck.  Family members don’t count.


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11 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. Katrin
    January 10, 2012

    Head uut ja paremat teie perele :) Lahedaid ideid ja tegemisi uude aastasse!

    • mermaid
      January 10, 2012

      Aitähh, Katrin!
      Kus nüüd kukkus jutustama :D

      • Katrin
        January 11, 2012

        Mul lausa süümekad, et ma olen selle blogi unustanud. Kuigi jah, käevalu ei lase eriti kommida. Eile oli helgem päev ;)

  2. killuke
    January 7, 2012

    Nii vahvad perepildid :) Hästi armas!

  3. mäemamma
    January 6, 2012

    No nii, jöudsin vist veel selle päeva siis HääD UUT AASTAT!!!!
    Esimene pilt on superarmas. Nii soe ja nupsik. Palju , palju naeruseid päevi Teie perele!

    • mermaid
      January 6, 2012

      Noh ega mul poleks sinuga veinijoomise vastu ka midagi :)

  4. ritsik
    January 6, 2012

    Head uut! Vaat siis, kui palju põnevaid asju sel aastal ees ootamas :D

    • mermaid
      January 6, 2012

      Just- just… loodan, et mõni nendest täitub ka :)
      Vanaema lubas lapselapse Disnikasse viia.. ehk see õnnestub.

  5. Barnlille
    January 6, 2012

    Happy New year :-)

    The pics are really cute!!

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