Mermaids` Makings

Teacher Presents 2011

It`s credit crunch after all..

But I did add some nice ribbons and christmassy green pipe cleaner for decoration.. and a tomato soup recipe as well :)


Todays Christmas book is:

It`s a lovely story with very very cute pictures.

Mimi is a mouse who lived beneath the big tree with her brothers and sisters. One day she told her sisters and brothers that it`s about time to write a letter to Santa.

So they scribbled and scribbled and scribbled and scribbled.

The littlest mouse Hugi asked for a drum. He was very concerned whether Santa even had drums at all..

And then the Christmas Eve game and the mice had fun in the snow. They tumbled and jumbled and tumbled and jumbled about  in the snow.

Afer having a nice Christmas Eve feast  and leaving some cake for Santa the mice went to bed. And they dreamed and dreamed and dreamed and dreamed about the toys Santa would bring for their stockings.

But Little Hugo Couldn`t sleep. He was afraid that Santa Mouse wouldn`t come. Luckily Mimi was there to reassure him.

 Little Hugo got his drum and it was a very noisy  Christmas day, full of fun.


But  about these presents.

They are actually not tomatoes. There is a candle holder that Lil Mermaid made by Mod Podging tissue paper onto a little jar and also some chocolates.

Click here

and Happy Hooligans will tell you  how to make this surprise!

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December 2011

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