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Christmas Time!

Well, it`s officially Christmas Time in our family :)

Lil mermaid found a chocolate and a little present in her slipper this morning- I wonder who left them there?

That`s right- a Päkapikk.. Father Christmas` Elf.  Estonian tradition tells how a päkapikk will leave little presents for the children from the beginning of December,  if they have been good all year. So hopefully our little one will find something else there tomorrow!

This morning lil mermaid also opened the first of her books – one each day until we fly back to Estonia for Christmas :)

2 comments on “Christmas Time!

  1. pam
    December 2, 2011

    Yaaaaaaaay! it is the beginning of December here too! Opening first Advent calendar windows. But your custom of Päkapikk visiting every night to leave treats in the children’s shoes – so charming. I wish i had known of this custom when my own children were little. Päkapikk would have visited them every night during December.

    At least i have two on my tree and found some like you placed in your Advent calendar last year at Ikea. I was so surprised to see them and put them in my basket so fast I think i made them all dizzy

    Happy Christmas season to you and Anabel.

    • mermaid
      December 2, 2011

      Thanks Pam. I always enjoy reading your sweet comments.

      Happy Christmas time to you too. I’ll try and find you a little Päkapikk from Estonia and send it over to you.

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