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We Played A Gingerbread Man Game!

Found here through Pinterest.

Cut out a gingerbread man shape. Write some numbers from 1 to 6 as many times as you want. Now throw the dice and mark off each number as it comes. The winner is the person who successfully marks of all the numbers.

It is so easy and simple and such a fun game!

For the first game I just put the numbers anywhere but the second  time I decorated the gingerbread with numbers.. and the fun started!

2 comments on “We Played A Gingerbread Man Game!

  1. Katie
    December 1, 2011

    I just pinned this one…too cute! I think I need to follow you on Pinterest…you are finding GREAT ideas! So glad I found your blog!!

    • mermaid
      December 2, 2011

      Thank you. I find your blog really interesting too. It’s interesting that you are a speech pathologist by the way, as our daughter has had quite severe language problems – she hardly spoke any recognisable words by the age of 4, but now she has been assessed as being of average ability compared to her yeargroup. The language unit in her school has done wonders with her.

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