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Confetti Shaker XMAS Tree Decorations

Have you already seen

these beautiful confetti shakers  ?

Finally I  managed to make some myself as well. Finally- because it`s not easy to match the lids.. and Tesco is not our “home shop”. So I took a special trip to Tesco and bought some cottage cheese (I love it!) and some Pringles (I hate them). It isn’t the first time that I have chosen food because of the packaging. I forced my husband to eat the Pringles :D . Well to be fair,  he likes them.

These shakers make a lovely keepsake. I decided to use a photo of my little girl and my niece. After gluing the Pringle`s lid down I gave it a shake and the little red confetti stuck to the edge making a cute frame. It wasn`t planned but it looks quite cute. On the other side I wrote the names and ages of the girls and the year this decoration was made.

I`m planning to make a few more.. using punched tissue paper confetti and maybe docorating the edges with puff paint.

3 comments on “Confetti Shaker XMAS Tree Decorations

  1. SakuSka
    November 29, 2011

    oi, kui kihvt!

  2. Jude
    November 26, 2011

    Glad they turned out well for you. I like your idea of writing something on the back and decorating the edges too. It’s strange that your confetti stuck round the edges, though as you say, it looks quite good that way!

    • mermaid
      November 26, 2011

      I think I just put too much glue..

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November 2011

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