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Egg Carton Christmas Bells

These are my favourite home made Christmas Tree decorations.

They are fun to make and look very pretty.

I just cut out some egg cartons, decorated them with acrylic paint, covered in Mod Podge and added a jingle bell inside. It`s quite fiddly attaching the hanging thread, so I used the bead as a thimble.

We made some last year too but then we used scrunched up kitchen foil instead of jingle bells.


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5 comments on “Egg Carton Christmas Bells

  1. Katie
    December 3, 2011

    What a GREAT idea for a holiday decoration! We have an egg carton in the fridge right now just waiting to be painted. ;) Thanks so much for linking up at Thrifty Thursday! Hope to see you next week!

  2. pam
    December 2, 2011

    I do remember the bells from last year – I still have them bookmarked!

    And these turned out so pretty. I love how much time you and Anabel spend together making. You are building a briddge to her that will always be there – even through teen years!

    • mermaid
      December 2, 2011

      I am very proud of Annabel. She really does treasure home made things and home made cards. She always notices even the smallest of drawings, and tells us how good it is, and how much work the person who did it has put in.

      I am still very surprised that she hardly ever receives any handmade cards from her classmates. Of 70 or 80 cards that she has had over the last couple of years, I think only one has been home made.

  3. Janice @ learning4kids
    November 22, 2011

    These are adorable! Such a fab idea! xx

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