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Pat And Bill- The Scarecrows

My daughter has a new homework system this year- the children are given about fifteen activities from which they have to choose at least six to complete this half term. It`s nice that the  kids can make their own choices and choose what they are really interested in.

So my daughter`s next choice was to make puppets to help tell a story.

Our daily favourite activity is to browse all these wonderful blogs and admire the creativity of those crafty mums and kids (sometimes dads too)out there and of course to get some good ideas.

So yesterday we stumbled upon a blog “The Nature of Grace” and saw these adorable scarecrows.

We didn`t think twice. We ran to the shops and bought a couple of wooden spatulas (the spoons were sold out) and started making our own. For the hands we used a large lollipop stikc and instead of hay I cut some very thin strips of brown packing paper. I wanted to dress them in dollie`s outfits but my little one didn`t let me. So I just cut some “dresses” from some old fabric that we used for our dollshouses.

The crows are made out of pegs and feathers.

So here they are- Pat and Bill!

They make a cute room decor, don`t they?

But now we needed a STORY! We don`t have any scarecrow books at home. I browsed amazon but didn`t really find anything that caught my eye. And then I suggested to my daughter to make up her own story.  She’s already started and it is looking wonderful so far.

7 comments on “Pat And Bill- The Scarecrows

  1. elisabeth65
    November 17, 2011

    There is a story about a scarecrow called Wurzel (or Worzel) Gummidge. I remember reading it as a child.

    • mermaid
      November 17, 2011

      We looked at it on youtube but it`s probably a bit too old for Annabel yet. She was scared. We ordered The Wizard of Oz from the library instead.

  2. killuke
    November 15, 2011

    Ma ei ütleks ära mõnest sellisest toredast hernehirmutisest oma kodus :)

    • mermaid
      November 17, 2011

      Võtke siis puulusikad välja ja hakake tööle :)

  3. Katrin
    November 14, 2011

    Nii ägedad :)))

  4. kasikasi
    November 14, 2011

    I adore the poppies in the background :)

    • mermaid
      November 17, 2011

      Thanks Kasia. I love this poppy picture too!

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