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Winnie the Witch

I often check to see what keywords or phrases people have used to come to my site. Some of them are funny, some useful. So on a few occasions people have searched for “Mister Maker Black Cat”..  That rang a bell but I couldn`t remember exactly what it was. So I took out my huge notebook (would you believe me if I said that I have written down all the Mister Maker`s activities?) and found the “black cat” quite quickly.

And- the technique is so exciting. So…

*Paint one piece of white card black

*Cover another piece of white card in white soft pastel or chalk

* Turn the white card over and put it over the black one

*Secure the edges with paperclips

* Draw a picture

*Take off the white card

*And now you have a pretty drawing on your black card

Well I guess  the technique was actually what people were searching for but I tried to draw a vaguely black cat like cat :)

Please excuse my poor drawing skills.


So why did I choose to draw a picture of Winnie the Witch? It`s just that we recently read a very cool  book about Winne the Witch. I love the illustrations! It is a story about a witch who lived in a black house where everything was black. Even her cat! But the problem was that the witch could not not see the cat when he was asleep, because then she couldn’t see his sparkly green eyes. So the witch turned him green! By now he was the colour of grass and the witch couldn`t see him in the grass. So she turned him into a multicoloured cat. But everybody laughed at him now and he was very unhappy. So in the end the witch turned the cat black again. And she turned her house colourful instead.

My daughter had just seen a cartoon of a little starfish, so she drew an Under the Sea picture.

And here`s the story:

Once upon a time there lived a friendly shark and a friendly fish and a poison sea star and a flower who was growed near the home. There was four friendly sea stars and a  friendly shark and there were two friendly fish and a big poison shark behind the friendly shark. One day the lost sea star was trapped in a cave and the friendly fish helped the sea star to get out of the cave and they swimmed really, really, really fast. After lunch they saw a big beautiful flower and their other sister starfish was trapped  and a big friendly fish came again. The other fish came to rescue her because the friendly fish killed the bad sea star and he was dead happily ever after.

Thank you for taking the time to write a comment :)

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October 2011

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