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Shaving Cream Printing

Shaving cream printing has been quite popular on the net lately.. so we thought that we would give it a try as well.

We took a large plate, turned it over and squeezed some shaving cream onto it. After adding some paint we mixed it gently and put a little sheet of paper over it. After a few seconds we took it away and scraped off  the excess shaving cream. The result is really cool!

We used the prints to make a collage and for weaving. For the collage I cut 2×2 cm pieces and my little one glued them onto pink card.

For the weaving we used 1 cm strips. I covered the weaving in Mod Podge and put it in our dollshouse. Our dollies got a new carpet!


Habemeajamisvahu trükk näeb välja nagu tinditrükk (või kuidas selle nimi oligi) kunagi lapsepõlves.

Kummuli keeratud taldriku peale pigistasime vahtu ning lisasime veidi värvi. Pintsli tagumise otsaga ajasime värvi õrnalt laiali ja vajutasime valge paberi peale. Võtsime paberi ära ja spaatliga tõmbasime paberi vahust puhtaks. Selle puhtaks tõmbamisega peab ettevaatlik olema.. aitab ühest korrast, muidu jäävad tõmbamise jooned peale. Tulemus on väga lahe!

Me tegime umbes kümme väikest lehekest. Osad nendest lõikasime ruutudeks ja sättisime mosaiigiks. Osad aga lõikasime ribadeks ja punusime nukumajja vaiba. See vaip on üle tõmmatud Mod Podgega.



One comment on “Shaving Cream Printing

  1. pam
    October 14, 2011

    I especially love the weaving idea!

    Somehow i have totally missed the “shaving cream thing” but I can see that it would be so much fun – especially for kids.

    Great job Annabel!

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