Mermaids` Makings

Hot, hot, hot…

We are having a lovely time with our family near Tallinn, Estonia. The weather is LOVELY.. most days about 30 degrees.  So we spend lots of time at the beach. We also met our newest addition in our family- my sister`s little baby daughter. As my sister is working for a few hours every day we do lots of babysitting and we LOVE it! My daughter is so caring and loving with the baby.

And here are  some pictures on our way to the beach.

Language wise it is quite interesting at my parent`s house at the moment.. you can hear Estonian, British English, American English and Norweigan. I am obviously speaking British English.. my younger sister who lived in the States for a few years is speaking American English and my little sister is speaking a mixture of both :D She also speaks Norweigan as she has a Norwegian boyfriend and they live in Norway.

Next week we will go to our little town- Pärnu– and meet all our lovely friends we haven’t seen for a whole year!

One comment on “Hot, hot, hot…

  1. kessu
    July 25, 2011

    Armsad tüdrukud :)

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