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Railway Play

This started off as a simple game of trains, but then we started building, until the railway became the means to deliver all the materials needed to build……some bridges and tunnels, an airport and its runway, a cafe and the Icecream Corporation

Here is the runway – a few pices of railway track with the runway lights (old bottle tops) alongside it, and of course EasyJet.  Well it is definitely a budget airport!

As you can see it turned into a very busy building site. The tall column is the airport control tower, and all our books helped us make the bridges and tunnels. At the top of the picture you can see our cafe – it has been a very hot day outside, so we had an outdoor cafe, and then on the left is the Icecream Corporation – the toy icecream on the bath tub is its logo, and the upside down cups are all the different company offices. Interestingly none of our trains ever carried ice cream, and neither did EasyJet!  With such a busy set up, there are obviously lots of cars scattered around too.

Well here is our train going through the tunnel underneath our IceCream Corporation offices. We never really worked out whether the big block of flats next to the offices was actually part of the company too. It probably is, as there is a passageway leading down to the individual offices (a ribbon in reality), albeit a rather precarious one.

We had a lot of workers, but they never seemed to do much apart from sit around drinking cups of tea from the cafe. Miss Pig is supposed to be finalising the building of our control tower, but….

A close up of our wonderful set of offices, overlooking the airport and with a busy train line running directly underneath.  It must be pretty noisy to have to work there.

As you can see our cafe has been very busy, and some of the guests have obviously eaten a bit too much, as they have fallen down on the floor…Alternatively of course, they may just be sunbathing.

And here are our architects and designers – an international team, which is only fitting for such a major project.

*Written by Daddy*

*Photos by Mummy”


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One comment on “Railway Play

  1. kasikasi
    June 29, 2011

    What a lovely t-shirt :)

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