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Sipsik in the City

Today we made some city scenes. Annabel helped me with the first one. We got our inspiration from Mister Maker of course. No surprise there.

We are going to use these scenes in some imaginary play with Sipsik.

So here Sipsik is wandering in the city.

Whilst I was busy with the city scene Annabel made some cakes for Sipsik`s birthday.

Yes- it`s Sipsik’s 50th birthday this year. The Sipsik  stories were written by Eno Raud and the illustrator is our beloved artist Edgar Valter. Sipsik is as popular in Estonia as Paddington Bear is in England. I grew up with these stories. As you can see, Sipsik is a rag doll who gets into lots of adventures – she walks on the roof, fights with bees and travels to the moon, and other similar sorts of adventures.  She is made by a little boy called Mart for his sister Anu`s fifth birthday. Annabel got Sipsik for her fifth birthday as well. The doll is made by our dear friend Siiri.

For the cakes Annabel scrunched some kitchen foil, wrapped it in tissue paper and glued some pom poms on top.


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3 comments on “Sipsik in the City

  1. Giovanni Tairov
    June 21, 2011

    I’m about to get all teared up… This is such a beautiful glimpse into the past and into my childhood. I loved the book when I was preschool age, Sipsik was my friend… and even later in life, whenever I would come across this book on my Mom’s bookshelf (she kept all the old children’s books) I would always sit down and flip through it. It opens the door to this imaginary world and stirs up these childhood feelings/emotions no other book can recreate… I read it in Russian… They also had a copy on Amazon in English, but I missed it — it’s no longer available.

  2. maria
    June 13, 2011

    Your city scenes are lovely, thanks for sharing!

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