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Sirel, lilac, syringa

It is always so heartwarming to find little things what you can call “ours”.. or “just like in my country”.

One of these things is sirel– syringa. Sirel reminds me of beautiful summers in Estonia. Sirel`s flowers usually have four petals-  BUT.. sometimes there are five or even more petals and that means you have found a happiness flower- and you have to eat it! Then happiness will knock on your door :D

So every time I see a syringa  I start looking for these flowers. It`s something we have done since childhood. And yes, I did eat that flower on the photo. Waiting for my happiness now :D

And… speaking of lilac…

Our school’s uniform is lilac. As it is quite hard to find lilac schooldresses for Annabel I asked my dear friend in Estonia to make a blouse and a  couple of skirts for her. And- I asked her to embroider a little lilac cornflower onto the pocket. The cornflower is an Estonian national flower.. and it is very much loved by Estonians. So Annabel takes a tiny bit of Estonia to school every time she wears it.

But have a look at Siiri`s blog and all the BEAUTIFUL things she makes!

2 comments on “Sirel, lilac, syringa

  1. pam
    May 14, 2011

    A flower that is close to my heart! And can you believe it, we have found a new variety that re-blooms at least twice more during the summer! AND it is small so that it can be grown in a pot.

    Mine is in full bloom right now.

  2. Chelsea
    May 13, 2011

    I think that is the cutest “school uniform” I have ever seen!

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