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Royal Wedding Celebrations – Estonian Style

Our simple but cute decorations. I stuck the crowns onto the bunting using craft foam pieces. I love using craft foam pieces..they give a nice 3 d effect and it is easy to remove the details later to replace with something else if we need to.

And the party- the girls decorated chocolate muffins with little flags and silver and golden sugar beads. My friend made a divinity frosting cake and I made some snacks and sandwiches.

Sanwiches, white bread and sausages- sounds British, doesn`t it? And to add some colour I thought of the colours of the British flag- white bread for white, red pepper for red and bluish purple grape was the closest I could find for blue :)

The divine frosting cake was delicious. It is actually somthing from our childhood- it was very popular back then. And it looks “royal”, doesn`t it :D

I also made a couple of these crowns and as the girls weren`t interested in wearing them we wore them oursleves :D

In the afternoon we went to a local park for some fun. Unfortunately there weren’t any street parties around our area. It would have been lovely to be able to attend a real street party. Maybe next time…

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April 2011

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