Mermaids` Makings

Grandad`s Birthday

We celebrated our Grandad`s birthday last weekend. Annabel was so excited about organizing the food and seating as well as making the card and present.

For the present she wanted to make a photo holder from her Mister Maker book. As we make most things TOGETHER, I had to make one as well :) So she made one for Grandad and I made one for us. For the photo holder we used the cardboard from a cereal box and a wooden peg. We drew an elephant shape onto the cardboard and cut it out. We did the same with the trunk.  On the white paper we drew a pair of eyes and cut them out as well. We then glued the eyes in place together with a peg. On top of the peg we glued the trunk shape. After it was dry we added some finishing touches with the black felt tip pen.

The elephant stands up very nicely as the trunk (peg) holds it up.







Grandad loved the presents and we had a lovely party with all the family.

We did involve daddy in the preparations as well. He needed to colour in the letters and he did a great job! Grandad and grandma were shocked at how artistic he could be. I think it’s fair to say that the artistic side of the family is normally, very definitely a female preserve!

And this is my piece of art :D

I glued the peg the other way around as I didn`t need the trunk to hold the elephant up. I had stuck a couple of magnets behind to make it a fridge magnet recipe holder :)

Aren`t these elephants just so cute!

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