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Pancake Buns Anyone?

Shrove Tuesday- Vastlapäev is all I thought – sledging downhill, eating pea- or bean soup followed by some lenten buns and playing with vurr– buzz saw (a well known Estonian game). I thought  vurr was known only in Estonia.. at least I hadn`t heard that it was  played in other countries too.. until last year when I found out that it was an old American Folk Toy. Very interesting :)

The buns recipe is from one of my favourite food blogs- Nami Nami. The blog is  full of delicious recipes from all around the world. Go over and have a look yourself :) And if you decide to make some lenten buns- let me know, how did you like them? :)

So we had pea soup, lenten buns and …. pancakes. Annabel loved making pancakes and teaching her pink teddy too. Being half English, half Estonian she discovered a new way of eating pancakes… she put them between the bun (she doesn`t like jam and whipped cream). My English husband had lots of buns and lots of pancakes. I had only lenten buns  :)

As it was Women`s Day too I got a lovely flower bouquet from my husband which forms the background of the cooking pictures.

Meil oli plaanis pidada eestipärane vastlapäev aga kuna tüdruk juba esmaspäeval kilkas, et homme on pannkoogipäev ja tema tahab pannkooke teha, siis me tegime ka mõned pannkoogid. Annabel segas taigna (ise roosale mõmmile seletades, kuidas tuleb teha) ja mina küpsetasin.

Hernesupp ja vastlakuklid valmisid ka ning siis asusime sööma. Mina jäin ikka ainult kuklite juurde, minu inglasest mees sõi nii kukleid, kui pannkooke aga tüdruk sõi pannkoogi kukleid. Kuna ta ei armasta vahukoort ja moosi, siis leidis ta kuldse kesktee ning pani väikese pannkoogi kukli vahele.

Õhtul keerutasime veel vurri ja nii see päev möödus.. ilma liulaskmiseta kyll. Aga lund pole meil juba enam ammu. Jõuludest saadik. Vurrist- ma arvasin kogu aeg, et see on tuntud mäng ainult Eestis.. tuleb välja, et ka ameerikalsed vanal ajal mängisid seda. Igaljuhul oli see põnev avastus!

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