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Vastlakuklid- Lenten Buns

We won`t make pancakes next Tuesday because we can make pancakes every day :).  We are going to make lenten buns because we only eat them on  Shrove Tuesday.

Today we did not bake the buns. But they look just as delicious as if they were baked don`t they?

We drew a lenten bun on the coloured paper. We then tore up some yellow and orange strips for the buns and white for the whipped cream… after making tiny rolls we glued them onto the paper. And then for the background we just used scrunched up paper.

Linked to: “The Play Academy“.

2 comments on “Vastlakuklid- Lenten Buns

  1. cathy@nurturestore
    March 7, 2011

    It will be pancakes for us next Tuesday – there’d be a family revolt if I made anything else! – but I hope you’ll share your Lentern buns recipe so we can try them too.

    • mermaid
      March 7, 2011

      I will share the recipe, yes.. but it seems we will have both.. buns and pancakes. Annabel came home from school today happily shouting that it was Pancake Day tomorrow and that she wanted to make some lovely little pancakes :)

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