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World Book Day

We have been thinking of writing about the books that Annabel likes reading for a while. As it is Book Day today it`s a perfect time to start.

Here are the books that Annabel chose for herself last time daddy and Annabel went to the library together. Daddy and Annabel go every couple of weeks to the library to choose more books and Annabel has always chosen her own (as well as trying to help daddy choose his…) When they get home, the first thing she wants to do is to read all her library books straight off – she will then leave them until next time (with the odd exception such as Town Mouse and Country Mouse which inspired the mice now sitting on our TV). The rest of the time until the next library visit will be spent reading the rest of her books which are rapidly overflowing her bookcase.

Bill has some new baggy trousers and goes to the shop to buy some potatoes, but the wind is so strong that he begins to fly, only landing again when he gets home with them.  Of course his mother didn’t see him – just wondering how he had managed to be so quick.

Annabel didn’t really think very much of this book – it certainly didn’t capture her imagination, nor daddy’s for that matter!

This book is all about a naughty boy who loves his gum but always drops it on the pavement. One day lightning strikes, hits the gum and it transforms into a huge pink blob, that chases the boy all the way to his gran’s house. As usual, this frail old woman is the one person who can stand up to the blob, poking it with a knitting needle so that it bursts. Needless to say the boy, Ed, never ever drops any gum on the floor

Annabel found this a bit scary – she read it through once, but hasn’t picked it up to read since.

This is more of a maths lesson than a story book, based around the ever popular Harry and his Dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs discover various shapes and then find out that they are a boat, Harry’s kite, a box of chocolates etc.

Annabel loves Harry and the Dinosaurs, and although this is not a proper story, it is one of the two books that she has read more than once since we got it out of the library last weekend.

One of the all time classic fairytales, written in the days when the role of the grandmother was to be the passive victim, very unlike the grandmother in “Big Bad Blob” of course.  Annabel loves this story, although she doesn’t like the naughty wolf. This is the second book that she has read more than once.

*Written by daddy*

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