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Totally Different Post

I don`t like memes where I have to answer  millions of questions but I quite like this  kind of thing :)

So this is my fridge. As it is covered with stuff on 3 sides I thought to show two of them. On the third side there is my WW diary.. which means I write down every bite I eat. (Sometimes I “forget” a few pieces of chocolate though). It is a good thing to keep the Weightwatchers diary on the fridge, isn`t it :D I should really put it onto the door so I can see how many propoints I have got left before opening the door.

On the door I have a couple of my favourite soup recipes and a list of dangerous e numbers as well as some magnets bought from our trips. Annabel loves to play with the magnets. On the side I have got lists of WW food and propoints.


Go to Crankymonkeys in London to see other fridges :)


2 comments on “Totally Different Post

  1. Mae
    January 14, 2011

    I´m really surprised – what a fridge! And I´m blushing now – if there is more than 3 magnets on our fridge, I´ll be totally frustrated and in very bad mood. Ok, the truth is after getting a child it´s little bit changed:)))))) I repeat myself “take it easy! let it go!” but some years ago…uhhh!

  2. LJB
    January 9, 2011

    Wow, that’s one very organised fridge :)

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