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Fish Race

Annabel`s grandparents brought her another issue of the lovely magazine “Wild Times”. And this is where we found this game. It took us five minutes to set everything up. We drew two fish onto some white paper, cut them out and folded the tails up.

Now it was ready for the race! We lined up the fish and started to flip the soft cover book (or magazine). And off they went :)


After this game I went to the other end of the room.Annabel put the paper plate in the middle and we started the race again. This time the fish had to end up in the middle in the pond.

Annabel was quicker and won all the time :) She really enjoyed the game.  When it was daddy’s turn I made four little fish… and started to prepare the tea.

3 comments on “Fish Race

  1. Sirje
    January 10, 2011

    See on vahva mäng! Oma lapsepõlves on saanud ka midagi säärast mängitud aga meie kasutasime volditud paberist konnasid ja autosid. Konnasid sai peale vajutamisel hüppama panna ja autosid tagant puhuda. Aga kahjuks ei mäleta enam kuidas neid volditi.

    • mermaid
      January 10, 2011

      Ma olen seda voltimist tegelikult kuskil netis näinud, aga ma enam ei suuda meenutada kus. Just nende hüppavate konnade.
      Autode puhumine on kyll hea mõte. Seda saab hästi laua peal teha. Meil on ju terve elmaine vaipkatet täis. Tegelikult me proovisime kalu ka puhuda, aga see ei õnnestunud :) Siledat pinda on vaja.

      Aga lapsele väga meeldis. Vahel vaata ja imesta, kui vähe on lõbusaks mänguks vaja :)

  2. Love and Lollipops
    January 9, 2011

    Oh this looks like so much fun!

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January 2011

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