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Archie Goose Goose George

I LOVE pantomimes!

I find them original, funny and something nice to look forward  to the whole year. I wish there were summer pantomimes as well then I  would only have to wait for six months :)

The first panto I saw was “The Sleeping Beauty” last year. It was such a wonderful experience! And this year we managed to see two pantos. “Mother Goose” and “Aladdin”.

“Mother Goose” was a hit! It was so funny! Whilst watching it I found myself thinking of what craft to make with Annabel because I knew that she would like to play the story again later at home. And in the end there was a HUGE goose flying in the air with the cast on her back. Then I knew this is what we should make.

So we made a goose out of an old newspaper. We just scrunched it into a goose shape (well at least we tried to make it to look like a goose) and used sellotape to keep in shape.

Then we covered it in tissue paper using pva glue and water mixture and let it dry overnight.

It was quite creepy to go into the kitchen early in the morning facing the goose :D

When it was dry we painted the bird white, the beak orange and added googly eyes. I know it doesn`t really look like a goose but it is a fairy tale one anyway. It looks cute and is fun to play with. We might decorate it later.

But back to the pantomime. It is very common to ask the audience to shout out some specific phrases. So one of these sentences was: “Archie Goose Goose Goose!” Annabel LOVED shouting it! All the way home she was singing: “Archie Goose Goose Goose”. And after Christmas she took one of her favourite presents, George the Pig (of Peppa Pig fame) into the play as well. And this is how the phrase “Archie Goose Goose George” was born.  Annabel shouts it a hundred times a day.

Linkig up to The Play Academy.



3 comments on “Archie Goose Goose George

  1. maggy, red ted art
    July 11, 2011

    Ooooh I like George!! He is fab!!!! :-)


  2. cathy@nurturestore
    January 12, 2011

    Happy new year! We go to the panto every year too – Cinderella this time – and the girls always end up role playing the story when they get home. I love your goose – oh yes I do!

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