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We went to visit a new Azerbijani friend of ours and she asked me to do some craft with her two little girls, so I decided to make some snowmen out of loo roll and some little snowmen out of a lollipop stick. The snowflakes are of course, also made from loo roll. The girls were really excited and I enjoyed their company too.  Their mother was so surprised at how patient I was with them.  It was a very lovely evening and all the girls had so much fun, playing their favourite games.

It was really interesting for me to talk to the mother and learn more about her country and traditions, including a lovely traditional Azerbijani meal.

2 comments on “Playdate

  1. Sarah Craftylocks
    January 10, 2011

    The snowmen are adorable – I think the carrot nose on one of them is a great touch! I had not thought about making stars with the toilet rolls – I have done butterflies, but I think the stars with the tinsel are a great idea.

    • mermaid
      January 10, 2011

      Thank you!
      The nose was planned for both of them actually and just now I see that we forgot :)
      Butterflies is a good idea as well.. we will wait until spring :)

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