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Old Christmas Card Bunting

I saw this idea somewhere on the internet but I can`t remember where.. Anyway it`s a perfect way to use up your old Greeting Cards. I made some bunting with my daughter`s last year’s Christmas Cards. On the back of each card, I wrote the sender’s name  and we had lots of fun guessing tonight who sent which card…

So every Christmas we will take these buntings out to decorate our home.. and of course there will be one extra bunting every year. Just imagine how wonderful it would have been to have one from my childhood!!!!

As I have kept all my daughter`s bday cards I am going to make some  bday cards buntings as well… so we can decorate the house on every birthday.

3 comments on “Old Christmas Card Bunting

  1. pam
    January 5, 2011

    What a clever idea! I have usually turned mine into gift tags (except for those I saved just for the giant advent calendar!) I love this idea because it brings friends and memories into you home during the holidays.

  2. 2trilingual
    December 23, 2010

    Great idea. I’ve kept old cards. Could make a good use out of them.

    • mermaid
      December 28, 2010

      Need lipukesed on seina peal väga armsad. Ma praegu mõtlen, kuidas suuremaid kaarte ära kasutada. Ma ei raatsi neid katki lõigata. Tegelt vist scrapbooki jaoks oleks kõige parem.

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