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A Purple Tulip Card Game

It is originally called “Must Notsu” (“Black Pig”). It is my childhood card game. We did enjoy it a lot. It is very similar to  the “Snap” game but at the end one player will be left with the black pig card for which one doesn`t have a match. And that player will lose the game. At the beginning you give five cards to each player. The rest of the cards then go on the table face down. Now each player will take a card from the next person going clockwise. When the players get a match they put the match down and take an extra card from the pile.

As Annabel didn`t like the black pig card (well my drawing was awful anyway), I made purple tulip one to replace it. So we now have a “purple Tulip” game :)

To make the game more fun I drew our family members on the cards and some simple pictures.. like car, clock, flower.. I chose pictures that were easy to spell (and easy to draw,  as I`m not good at drawing).


For making the cards I used “The Yes No Game” cards as we did not play it anymore. I drew pictures on some white card, cut them out and glued onto these “Yes No” game cards. And finally I laminated all the cards.

Last year we made a game for Annabel`s granparents. There were three different themes of cards- family, Annabel`s drawing and writing and funny words. If you look carefully at the funny words cards you see why they are funny. They are in English and Estonian.


2 comments on “A Purple Tulip Card Game

  1. elisabeth65
    December 17, 2010

    Yes, grandma and grandpa still have the game that Annabel made for them alnd when Annabel comes over we can play it again.

  2. SakuSka
    December 13, 2010

    such funny faces on the “purple tulip” cards :)
    that’s really amazing, how great an artist you are!

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