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Päkapikk Time!

It`s the first of December today- the day that Estonian children have looked forward to for so long.  Because now they can put a slipper on the window sill before going to bed. It is the time when Santa’s Elves (Päkapikks) are peeping through the window to see whether the children are being good or not. So for the good children they  leave a little chocolate.. or sometimes a little present.. or both. It depends on how the family have organised it. In some families Päkapikk time starts with the first day of advent.

So, our Päkapikk time started today. And our little one gets a little chocolate every morning and one piece of a jigsaw. So on Christmas Eve the jigsaw will be complete. (It`s a 24 piece one).

I don`t know when this Päkapikk tradition started. I didn`t have it when I was a child.. but I know that a bit more than 20 years ago it was there already. It is a hassle to make sure that you have a chocolate every morning (It`s just that it is so difficult to pull my hands away from this bag of chocholates we are hiding in the kitchen cupboard :D) but it`s worth it. It is just so lovely to see how excited Annabel is every morning when she pulls off the curtains to see what Päkapikk has left for her. And this slipper is very good for posting letters or notes to Santa as well. Päkapikks just deliver the mail. And- there are no naughty Estonian children in December!

Today Annabel opened the first pocket of our Christmas calendar. There were three chocolates-one for her,one  for daddy and one for mummy. And for the activity I had bought a big activity book. I thought it would be a good start for the Christmas month. Annabel loved the book full of stories, craft and stickers!

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