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The Farm

Finally we made a little farm for our farm animals.


The little sheep are made of air drying clay. We made two balls.. one big one and one small one.  Then we joined them together with a cotton bud. We painted the sheep white with black ears, legs and tail. For those we used cotton buds.  Idea from Mister Maker.

For the horses we used pipe cleaner, pegs and a little piece of cloth. Mister maker used fake fur, but we did not have any. So I just took an old towel and cut a little piece out of it.

Here is how we made a peg horse.


We took a pipe cleaner, attached three pegs- one for the head and two for the legs. Then we glued on a little piece from an old towel.  As I don`t like plastic wiggly eyes (they all look the same),  so I made the eyes myself, gluing them onto the paper. They look a lot more personal now.  For the nose we used the end of the pipe cleaner, but you can also use a little pom pom. So for Christmas we will make some peg reindeer. Idea from Mister Maker.

6 comments on “The Farm

  1. mermaid
    March 1, 2011

    Thanks, ladies :)

  2. sunnyvale422
    February 28, 2011

    What an awesome idea – I am adding those animals to my list of things to make!

  3. cathy@nurturestore
    February 26, 2011

    I love the horse – how clever!

  4. eff1
    November 6, 2010

    NII lahe idee!

  5. sakuska
    November 4, 2010

    I love the farm!
    I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to make crafts of our own with her!

    • Siiri
      November 5, 2010

      Hasti armsad loomakesed. Te olete ikka kahekesi vaga tublid meisterdajad.

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