Mermaids` Makings

Our Halloween Craft

We don`t really celebrate Halloween,

but my daughter  started to talk about it and whilst painting and drawing  I got quite excited.

But I like all  these childish things anyway.

So here is what we did this year…

A pumpkin garland.  At first we made some apple print pumpkins and when it was dry we cut them out. My daughter  drew faces on them and together we made the hands. At last we glued the little pumpkins onto a string.


Pink cats. I was actually hoping we would make some black cats but my little one  thought that  pink was the right colour. We made some hand prints and when they were  dry I cut them out to glue them onto red card. The head is from craft foam. Looks a bit better than using just coloured card.

I still think I will make a black cat of my own.

The idea is from this lovely blog.

A spider and its web.  And again our ideas of the  colour of a Halloween spider didn`t match. Instead of a lovely black one we made a pink one. We took eight pipecleaners for the legs and two pom poms for the body. I planned to glue the two body parts together but as they were so small I had to sew them with a couple of stitches. For the web I took a sheet of  craft foam. Using a hole punch my little one  made some holes at the edges. Then she fed the white (it`s actually light pink) string through.

Idea from Mister Maker.


And of course some pumpkins. It was my first time ever carving  pumpkins.  We visited a friend and her three year old daughter and made these together. The girls were very excited when we lit the candles. We did not do any Trick or Treating this year.. maybe next year.


2 comments on “Our Halloween Craft

  1. SakuSka
    November 2, 2010

    Dear mermaids, I’ve wanted to say this for a long-long time now: I absolutely admire all the beautiful crafts you’ve been making. Im very jealous for your talent! :)

    • mermaid
      November 2, 2010

      It`s not a talent, it`s a passion. I`m not talented at all.. I wish I had some real talents.. like being able to play piano or knit. But thanks anyway, dear friend :)

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